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Symphony At Seven

May 28th, 2007

Bach in Gold And Brass @ 10:14 am

Canadian Brass
Bach, Goldberg Variations
BMG Classics 2000

My partner noted the Classical Music Sale at Barnes&Noble, and brought this home. I was overjoyed, as I had already purchased, many years ago, a recording of Daniel Barenboim's Buenos Aires preformance of this piece.

The keyboard may be J S Bach's medium, but there is a special sonority to a brass choir, and the Goldberg Variations are perfectly suited to it. Reminiscent of an era when you arranged for what you had available, this recording offers an excellent opportunity for a compare-and-contrast. Besides, the brass-lovers among us now have the chance to hear an excellent ensemble bring the sweet sounds of brass and Baroque to our eager ears.
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Symphony At Seven